2008 Legislative & Regulatory Updates


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October 2008  - This Issue Includes: 

  • Enacted Legislation Slows to a Trickle, But Congress Moves Forward 
Universal Service in the News
  • Fourth Quarter USF Contribution Factor to Remain at 11.4%
  • The FCC, the USF, & ICC? What Will They Do?
  • FCC Seeks Input on Improving USF Oversight
  • IRS Cellphone Legislation a Dead-Duck for this Session

International News

  • EU To Require Reductions in Texting/Termination Fees
  • Recently-Released FCC Reports

July 2008 - This Issue Includes

  • Congress Passes E911 Legislation; Awaits Presidential Signature
Universal Service in the News
  • A lot of Talk on USF Reform, But Little Action!
  • USF 3rd Quarter Contribution Factor Announced
  • USF Schools & Libraries Fund Receives “Carryover” Funds
  • No Action Yet on Congressional Relief for IRS Cellphone Rules
  • FCC Issues 2nd R&O/FNPRM on Commercial Mobile Alert System
  • Appeals Court Holds-off Decision on Cell Tower Backup Power
  • Happy National Cellphone Courtesy Month!
International News
  • EU Reaches Deadline for Voluntary Wireless Pricing Reduction; Carriers Unhappy
  • Sometimes We Must “Stick to our Knitting!”
  • Recently-Released FCC Reports

April 2008 - This Issue Includes

  • Congressional Bill Could Spell Relief from IRS Cellphone Rules  
  1. Universal Service Fund in the News
  2. FCC Issues NPRMs From Fed-State Recommendations on USF
  3. FCC Announces Stats/Changes in Broadband Data Collection
  4. FCC Bans Exclusive Contracts for Telcom Services in MDUs
  5. FCC Adopts Report & Order On Emergency Alerts
  6. Recently-Released FCC Reports
  7. Take a Moment in May to Celebrate World Telecommunication Day
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January 2008 - This Issue Includes

  1. Universal Service Fund in the News -  
    • Fed-State Joint Board Recommends Six-Part Fix to USF
    • Money-Saver! USF Contribution Fee Drops to 10.2%
    • USF Federal-State Joint Board Releases Monitoring Report 
  2. FCC Denies Forbearance Request of Verizon
  3. FCC Proposes Extension of Do-Not-Call Registration Period
  4. FCC Issues Rulemaking to Establish Mobile Emergency Alert System
  5. FCC Triennial Review Document Provides Update on Activities
  6. FCC to Release its "Circulation" Items Report


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